Artist Profile - Chris Johnson

May 4, 2018

 Melancholy, quick fingers, and a room full of encouraging vibes is a key cornerstone to Chris Johnsons take on singer songwriter melodies. Before investing in coffee grinders and bicycle parts, Chris began his musical journey playing jazz flute in middle school, eventually lending himself to acoustic guitar. During an intermediary period of private guitar instructing and woodworking, Chris moved to Asheville in December, 2017. To start, Chris worked at a Chipotle before eventually immersing himself in songwriting, as well as his exploration of Asheville. Starting at Summit Coffee, where he began playing to further motivate him to write. At the moment, Chris resides in Charlotte, where he continues to work on producing his first EP. His music is simultaneously upbeat and moody, with the feel of social movement music from the early seventies paired with modern folk and americana.



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