Artist Profile - Becstar

April 27, 2018

Becstar's path to stardom seemed dormant for years, she says. All her creativity felt trapped, simmering and boiling inside her --- until, while on a personal mission to Hawaii to venture close as possible to an active volcano, someone handed her a ukulele. One pictures this person emerging from, then receding back into, the active volcano.

As if her life depended on it, she returned with her own ukulele and what she calls "a desperate need to learn how to play and sing some of her favorite songs". Music, always her passion, became accessible to her on the uke in ways she had only previously fantasized. She began using her voice as a singer and started launching into new dimensions with the rhymes that had always been popping in her head. Original music and lyrics started bursting out of her like hot lava, and she can't stop. Only surrender. 

A writer at heart with pop sensibilities burned in her soul by watching 10,000 hours of classic MTV as a child, Becstar's songs are inspired by her affinity for provocative love songs, dope rhymes, and a good laugh. She is drawn to the cathartic and anthemic. 

Becstar's sound embraces her expansive love of music: rock, pop, rap, soul, folk, mariachi, country, and beyond. When asked, she struggles to pin down the vast influences of her lyrically-driven songs, but if she had to name a few: Lou Reed, AC/DC, Willie Nelson, Jay-Z, Leonard Cohen, Radiohead, all members of Traveling Wilburys, Dua Lipa, Dr. Suess, and Dr. Dog. 

This first show marks a big stepping stone in her career that she hopes will inspire more collaboration, more high fives, going on a world tour, winning a Grammy, and playing a Tiny Desk Concert. She is, working on her first album and her acceptance speech. We assume in that order.


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